Something Rotten  - Jasper Fforde

“I knocked at their door and, hearing no answer, walked in. When I was last working at SpecOps we rarely heard anything from the mildly eccentric members of the time-travelling elite, but when you work in the time business, you don’t waste it by nattering – it’s much too precious. My father always argued that time was far and away the most valuable commodity we had and that temporal profligacy should be a criminal offence – which kind of makes watching Celebrity Kidney Swap or reading Daphne Farquitt novels a crime straight away.

After being disappointed by book #2 and skipping book #3, I loved this one. Something Rotten had just the right mix of silliness with thoughtful digs at current affairs and contemporary discussions such as the argument about what makes humans human and what gives humans have the right to control other species, or the rights of other groups of humans for that matter.


Thursday has returned from the book world and again takes up the pursuit of a shady character that threatens the country. But, Thursday has not returned alone – Hamlet (aka the “ditherer”) has come with her and so has Alan. I loved Alan, and I am having to read the rest of the series just to find out how he fares.

Yes. Never mind Thursday and the fate of Landon, my interests in this series are thoroughly invested in Pickwick and Alan!

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