April just flew by with all the travelling and adventure this month.

Spending an enormous amount of time stuck on planes meant I could read. A lot. So, I have managed to finish a few books off my currently reading shelf. Hoooray!

It also meant that I had fewer opportunities to go to the library. Also – Hooray!….Oh, wait….Is this a good thing?…..Idk.

On the flip side, I finally received a few books that I had ordered on recommendation of some of you and of course being stuck at airports meant browsing book shops – though, there no longer seems to be a good book shop at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental, which is quite sad.

Book count….

January Mt. TBR – 44

February Mt. TBR – 40

March Mt. TBR – 35

April Mt. TBR – 35   (another 1 is still wip and I took off 2 other Terry Southern books and added them to the charity shop pile as it is unlikely I would like them)

Actual running total of Mt. TBR books read in 2016: 12

Books added since last update: 0

Swaps this month: 1


The new additions are the 5 from the top:


Rules – I picked a stack of physical books of my shelves at home which I would read over the course of the year. Any new purchases are added to the pile. If I pick another physical book off my shelves, I get to take one off the pile and put it on the shelf – as a swap.

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