I really should be catching up on writing reviews, but life keeps interrupting these efforts with experiences that I could not even make up if wanted to.

I was travelling back to Houston yesterday for another week of work over here and had the following rough schedule:

– 11:00  – fly out of home airport
– 14:30  – board plane to Houston
– spend 10 hours catching up on books and films
– 20:00 (local time, ie 4 am UK time) – check into hotel and crash, getting ready for a full week’s work

Here’s what really happened….

– 04:00  – get annoyed that sleep just isn’t going to happen much
– 11:00  – board first flight while clutching the second latte with extra shot
– 14:00  – be told that connecting flight is delayed for at least 2 hours because of “technical difficulties” that require the engineers to replace an un-named part of the airplane. This always comforts plane passengers.
– 14:05  – spend the next 3 hours calming down a colleague and travelling companion who does not like flying.
– 17:30  – finally depart for destination
– spend 10 hours trying to persuade the aircrew to tell you what was wrong with the plane
– enter the time warp and stop worrying about the effects of a caffeine overdose
– 21:45 (local time, 5:45 am UK) join the queue at fast track immigration.
– 22:00 (local time, 6 am UK) wait for colleagues who had to join the regular immigration queue.
– 22:57 (local time, 6:57 am UK) – consider submitting missing person report to police.
– 23:20 (local time, 7:20 am UK) – pick up car.
– spend two hours trying to get to the hotel without crashing or drowning, while the thunderstorms turn Houston roads into a lake.
– 02:00 (local time, 8 am UK). Abandon all hope to ever see land again. Check into the next hotel. Crash after texting work that you’ll be in late.

As it turns out, the office did not open today, which is a relief as there was no way we would have gotten there without a kayak.  And because I am way too exhausted to do anything I should be doing, I am just going to browse reviews and look at pictures until I fall asleep again.

If anyone is out in the Houston area at the moment – Stay safe guys.