This is nothing to do with books or reading or writing or anything like that.

I just had the most brilliant evening – and it was all very unexpected.

So, after work I figured I check in at the local tennis centre and book into some activities for next week. I love tennis and spend a lot of time at the centre. As far as I am concerned, picking up a racket has been one of the best things for me – both for mental and physical health reasons. I’m not good at playing but I really enjoy the movements and the way that you zone out when you focus on the ball and the technique.

Anyway, I checked in and the gentleman at reception offered me a free court for the night. (There was a cancellation by a club, so there was no charge for the court.) Of course, I didn’t have my gear with me – and I had just come by after work so didn’t even have trainers. More importantly, I didn’t have anyone to play with.

Then one of the coaches (also one of my favourite people) at the centre came up and offered to play with me. That’s never happened before either. So, I quickly went home to pick up my shoes etc. and then spent the rest of this evening having a really chilled knock-about.

It was so much fun.
It was so unexpected.
And I am so grateful for this.

Hope you are all having a good week, too.