“MURDER DIDN’T MEAN much to Raven. It was just a new job . You had to be careful. You had to use your brains. It was not a question of hatred. He had only seen the Minister once: he had been pointed out to Raven as he walked down the new housing estate between the small lit Christmas trees, an old grubby man without friends , who was said to love humanity.”

Another one of Greene’s crime thrillers – complete with murder, a man-hunt, a girly side-kick, an evil mastermind, and a main character who is torn apart by life’s indifference.

“The only problem when you were once born was to get out of life more neatly and expeditiously than you had entered it.”

I’m so ready to move past this “early” stage of Greene’s writing. Luckily, I think there’s only Brighton Rock left before embarking onto to a different theme.

3* (out of 5*)