I spent much of last night trying to settle on a book but just couldn’t, so I think I may as well start with my annual re-read of Dorothy L. Sayers The Nine Tailors, which to me is the perfect book for the end of the year. And it has Lord Peter, so it is just a great choice.

In non-book news, I have been celebrating the fact that we get more daylight now – even if it is just seconds – by spending much time outside.

I have taken Andy to the local beach, to the nature reserves north of our local beach, and today we went for our first hill walk with a couple of friends. When I got to my friends’ house, the weather was overcast with low clouds and some fog. Once we got to the hill and got a little bit higher up, though, things cleared up nicely.

The views were well worth the effort of getting to the top of the hill. It is a hill, not a mountain, but it has a steep ascent that just does not level out for 2.5km. By the time we got back home, I resolved that we will do nothing but read tomorrow.